A national IT Distributor

A national IT Distributor with turnover of INR 1000+ crores with 30 branches and 750+ employees - The Company was having run with hand-picked trusted employees who were not able to grow the revenue of the company and also didn’t have a formal review system. We worked closely with CEO and brought in a professional management team. We established an annual formal budget formulation process with weekly reviews. We also assisted company to re-organise in line with updated company goals.

A state level distribution company

A state level distribution company with a turnover of INR 50+ crores with 20 employees – We worked with them in establishing systems and process and also helped the company in implementing SAP B1 ERP. Mentored the Director and his team enabling better communication within the organization, they by increasing the productivity.

A luxury interior product company

A luxury interior product company – We are providing holistic business consulting to this company. We have charted the growth path of the organization and worked closely in the areas of Business strategy, Branding & Marketing, CRM Implementation, Organizational Structuring and Recruitment etc. The brand has become well-known in Architects and Interior Contractors boast of a client list of Fortune 500 companies, revenues have doubled and also expanded overseas into Middle-east and with plans to expand into South-east Asia.

A Start-up in health-care space

A Start-up in health-care space – We are engaged with the organization from the initial phase of the company. The company is working in the IOT area, providing revolutionary concept and solutions to the healthcare sector both for use in Hospitals and Homes. We work very closely with the founders, in charting the way-forward and building the company. We have devised the multiple Go-to-market models for this company and have successfully taken the product to the market. Today the company has leading hospitals chains as its clientele and on the verge of being funded.

A bakery training institute

A bakery training institute – The Company wanted to expand its business by opening more outlets as well as through franchises. We are working with them in formalizing the franchise model. We also work with them in franchisee selection, location finalization, Team building and recruitment, MIS system etc.