Building an Organisation – A Perspective

Organisational Structure is a key to the success of an organisation. As we keep growing, one need to keep changing your strategies and build the right organisational models to be successful. We shall illustrate the same by relating it to a game.

In the game you need to run and catch people who are running around. Once you catch people, you form a chain and keep running to catch more people, without breaking the chain. So the fundamental to the game is to keep running together as a chain and keep catching more and more people.

Single Man Army
When you start the business (similar to the game), you are on your own. You are single man army. You can run fast and catch people. Speed and agility are your strengths. Since you are the decision maker and executor, you can decide fast and keep moving forward.

Small Team

After some time, you build a small team. When you start running in a chain, the members of your team can see you, understand your speed and direction. They keep pace with you, without you explicitly informing them what to do. At the same time, you can see that your speed has come down. But since you have a team, you catch more people.

Medium Size Team

When the team starts becoming larger and you try to run, the chain starts splitting. It is because the members who are far-away from you are not able to understand where you are, what direction and pace you are running. So, in-order to prevent the chain splitting, you need to communicate and inform the team about your direction and plan. Then all the members in the team will run together, without the chain breaking. So communication and sharing of the goal is important for you to win.

Large Team

Finally, the chain has become really long. Now, you cannot even think of running without breaking the chain. First you share with your group, the goals of the organisation (the group of people you are going to catch). You split the large group into smaller groups and give direction to each group, the way they need to move and encircle to catch the maximum no. of people. It is more like building a organisation with different departments and each with a separate role. But they need to work in cohesion to win. Speed is no more a weapon, but the structure and size helps you win.

To sum it up, when the organisation is small, Speed and agility are the strengths. As the organisation grows, speed comes down and communication becomes important. When the organisation is really large, proper structure with role clarity is required to be successful. Entrepreneurs need to understand the organisation and accordingly keep building the right process, policies and give role clarity to the employees and have review mechanism to ensure that the team is performing as per the overall directions and meeting the organisational goals.

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