‘vRddhi’ in Sanskrit means growth. The logo has the symbol “Infinity”.

Name : “vRddhi” means growth. Growth is a universal need, be the Clients, Associates or our own company.
Symbol : The logo has the symbol “Infinity”. It represents that, there is no limit to the growth. It also represents, infinite possibilities, thoughts, solutions, paths etc.


Blue : Blue represents, intelligence, trust, efficiency, communication, calm etc. It is the colour of the mind and stimulates clear thought and calm the mind.

Green: Green represents Growth, Harmony, Balance. It is also a colour which communicates refreshment and reassurance.

As an organisation, ‘vRddhi’ is committed to growth and we drive growth by redefining the various aspects of business in infinite possible ways.

  • Redefining the growth aspirations of organisations and individuals.
  • Exploring all the infinite possible opportunities to growth the business.
  • Bringing in our expertise and experience cutting across all functions of an organisation.
  • Build trust with the stakeholders and bring out the required change without affecting the Harmony of the organisation.
  • Implement Business process to Increase efficiency and improve communication within the organisation.